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With the technical expertise of more than 8+ years of experience, our company is a strategic firm providing a vast pool of tools and technology stack to our client base. Hire us to address your market as we turn them into digital business masterpieces

Front end technologies

From a variety of Front end tools, You choose, we build:

From a variety of Front end tools, You choose, we build: For easy user-driven outcomes, we engage ourselves into real-time programming to build you something better with the right tools.

Angular JS

It is an open-source front-end web development framework which is maintained by Google and is based on Java-script.


It is the fundamental library and frontend framework used to control DOM and CSS for optimising the interactivity of the website.


It is a javascript web front end pattern based on model-view-View Model loop. It is relevant for building complex mobile and web applications.


It is a javascript based open-source model-view-ViewModel framework. It is used to optimise app performance and tackle complexities.


It is an open-source javascript library used to build the user interface. It was developed to fix code maintainability issue due to the addition of extra features.

React Native

: It is an open-source code mobile application platform created by Facebook. It is used to develop an application on exclusive platforms like Android, ios, web.


Amidst all the technology, all that is needed is something instant to our hands. We make use of frameworks that collectively supports web apps, resources, services and APIs.

Yii Framework

Yii is the acronym for Yes it is!. It is a component-based MVC web application framework based on PHP. It is universally used to develop any web application. It is quite relevant when it comes to e-commerce portals and CMS or any complex website due to its excellent security features. It also provides cache app component integration like cFileCache, cFilememory ,cDummyCache.


It is one admirable PHP framework. Some of its exceptional features which are expressive make it stand apart from the other counterparts. Apart from scalability and features it offers storing, steering and authentication. It has got local storage, and cloud supported storage too like Amazon S3. 


It is a Javascript library which has a JESTful JSON interface based on moel-view-presenter application paradigm. It is useful for developing single-page applications. It is easy to access & learn, support a lightweight framework and possesses rare dependency on javascript lib. 


The growing popularity of single page application is boosting its relevancy more in the web application building market. Using Javascript and HTML it creates dynamic web models. It is a lightweight platform which is easily readable due to the declarative paradigms. The presence of POJO eliminates the usage of additional functions as it allows object manipulation.


It is otherwise known as ASP.NET. It is equipped with refreshed and modernised templates. It is divided into three interconnected parts known as Model, views and controller. It has the ability to process multiple views. It supports asynchronous techniques which help in acquiring fast loading time. It is an SEO friendly platform where it is easy to generate URLs to attract more visits for a specific application.


It makes a hassle-free PHP web framework. It is free and open-source where you need not start from square 1 . It comes handy in terms of scaling and extension. It has got exceptional security features to help developers to protect the websites from cross-site scripting.


It is an e-commerce platform written in PHP. It is much robust, flexible and scalable. It basically provides powerful toold to manage the online store. It is SEO friendly. It is highly customised with fast loading features. It is equipped with high end reporting features too.


It is the open-source content management system which we use for publishing the web content. It follows a model-view-controller framework which can be used independent and irrespective of CMS. It is easy to install based on PHP scripts with good SEO capability and extensions availability.


It is also an open-source web content management framework written in PHP distributed under the guidance of general public license. It is relevant for all genres, be it personal blogs, commercial, political or government websites. It comes with good adjustment, modification and implementation capabilities.


Choosing the right backend for your business. The backbone of the website has to be essential and apt to technology. Our expert team have Omni- convenience about your choices for selecting the right technology for your business.

Software Testing

We assure you with critical and detailed auditing of the application by putting it under rapid end-to-end testing to guarantee complete correctness with resistant future risk and enhance confidence in usability.

Application and Web Servers

After the application is developed, what’s next? Right Server hosting is one of the crucial factors in determining the success of an application or software. For crucial software operating in the cloud, allow us to set up a reliable environment for your business to put on so that the web app will perform at the best of its interest.

Microsoft IIS

It is a custom-built specialised server which comes with some unique features like
• Componentisation
• Extensibility
• ASP.NET Integration


It is the most reliable web server software. It has an extensive client-server structure and used as a server structure of a lamp stack.
• Loaded with fantastic features
• High performing efficiency
• Free to be used by all
• Highly beneficial for commercial software


It is the most stable server hosting known. It does not get slowdown even after numerous usage. No licence is required, and the manageability is awesome.
• No memory leaks
• less downtime
• Free from virus contingencies
• Easily customisable


It is free to use database server hosting system which is reliable, flexible and adaptable.
• Data security is exceptional.
• On-demand scalability access
• Robust and comprehensive transaction
• Friendly control on workflow

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